The jurisdictional area of the Northeast Arkansas Dental Society consists of the ADA and ASDA dentists who practice in the counties of Baxter, Clay, Craighead, Cross, Crittenden, Fulton, Greene, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Lawrence, Mississippi, Poinsett, Randolph, Sharp, Stone, St. Francis and Woodruff.
Coverage Map

Our Objective: The design of this organization shall be to promote and foster the advance of knowledge of dentistry in all its branches, to unite fraternally all acceptable practitioners or others as hereinafter described into encourage intercourse and goodwill; that we may be better enabled to improve the dental health of the public.

Our Strategic Plans and Overarching Goals include:

1.    Promoting ethical conduct of dentists.
2.    Promoting an environment where members can provide the optimal patient care so the following principles of patient care can be followed:
    a.     Autonomy
     b.    Non-maleficence
     c.    Beneficence
     d.    Justice
     e.    Veracity

3.    Cultivate the science and art of dentistry.
4.    Increase and sustain a diverse membership.
5.    Fostering camaraderie among member dental professionals.

Our code of ethics?

The code of ethics as set forth in the bylaws of the American Dental Association shall govern the professional conduct of all members of this society.